Condors, Falcons, and Other Birds in Utah

At least 291 bird species can be found in Utah including reintroduced California Condors.

Antelope Island in Utah

Antelope Island on Great Salt Lake

When traveling through Utah near Salt Lake, you may be surprised to come across an island filled with wildlife in the middle of the desert. Read More...

Tagged California Condor flying in Arizona

Endangered Condor Chick Dies

Utah may have it’s first naturally hatched condor chick. Biologists have not yet seen the chick but they have been observing the parents courting, and now the mother’s feeding habits. Read More...

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcons in the Zion Park region

At least 291 bird species call Zion home. Birds operate pretty independently of humans, but sometimes the two conflict. Both falcons and climbers love Zion’s commanding cliffs. Read More...