Where are Services near Zion National Park?

Where can I get my vehicle fixed? Where are the closest medical clinics/hospitals to Zion National Park? And other services surrounding Zion National Park.

Where can I get my vehicle fixed?
There are two places in Springdale which can assist motorists with mechanical problems. Check the visitor center information desk for more information.

Where are the closest medical clinics/hospitals to Zion National Park?
There is a medical clinic in Springdale and Hurricane. The closest hospitals are located in Kanab and St. George.

Where is the closest gas station to Zion National Park?
There are two service stations in Springdale 1-mile from the south entrance. Numerous other stations are available near the east entrance, Mt. Carmel Junction, and Kanab.

Where can I go to get something to eat?
The Zion Lodge dining room serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cafe offers grab-and-go lunches. Dinner reservations are advised. Other food service restaurants are available in Springdale (south entrance) or Mt. Carmel Junction and Kanab (east entrance).

Where is the closest grocery store?
Grocery stores are available in Springdale and Kanab. Convenience stores are available in Mt. Carmel Junction.

Are there internet services available?
In the park you can go to the Zion Lodge, there are two computers set up in the lobby for public internet use. In Springdale there are several places including: Springdale Library, and several other local businesses.

Where can I take a shower?
There are no showers facilities in the campgrounds in Zion National Park. For the 2009 season, the only showers that may be purchased in Springdale are located at the Zion Rock and Mountain Guide for a $5.00 fee. For more information call them at 435-772-3303.



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