7 Top Views in Bryce Canyon National Park

Hoodoos, arches, and fins galore. See Bryce Canyon National Park’s best views and rock formations from these favorite scenic overlooks.
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Rainbow and Yovimpa Points

The view from Yovimpa Point in Bryce Canyon National Park

The view from Yovimpa Point in Bryce Canyon National Park

These adjacent overlooks at the park’s southern end offer fantastic views back over Bryce Canyon’s rock formations. From here at 9,100 feet in elevation, you can clearly see most of the geological Grand Staircase rock layers, from the uppermost Pink Cliffs to the red Vermilion Cliffs. Visit both points to get the complete view; hikers can also explore the 7.5-mile Riggs Spring Loop Trail, which connects the two.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park

Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park

See one of Bryce Canyon’s rock arches at this viewpoint. Erosion of the Claron Formation rock from ice, rain, and gravity sculpted Natural Bridge, a deep red arch in the southern end of the park.

Farview Point

Farview Point in Bryce National Park

Farview Point in Bryce National Park

From this overlook, you’ll see many of the park’s most famous rock formations and even out to the Kaibab Plateau (where the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is located). From north to south you can see: the Aquarius Plateau (Pink Cliffs), the Kaiparowits Plateau (Grey Cliffs), Molly's Nipple (White Cliffs), and even glimpses of the Kaibab Plateau on which lies the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Enjoy views of hoodoos, fins, and caps and pick out the different layers of the Grand Staircase.

Paria View

Paria View in Bryce Canyon National Park

Paria View in Bryce Canyon National Park

Looking for a stunning sunset photo op? Head to this overlook in the north part of the park, one of the few places where the rock formations face west to catch the evening light. You’ll also see slot canyons below and, if you’re lucky, peregrine falcons in the sky.

Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater from Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater from Bryce Point

This is the place to savor views over the park’s amphitheater, especially at sunrise, where the hoodoos are positioned to catch morning light. The Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail descends from this point. Are you a hard-core backpacker? The Under-the-Rim 23-mile backcountry trail extends from Bryce Point in the park’s northern end to Rainbow Point on the southern, passing hoodoos, boulderfields, creeks, and scenic ridgelines. Dayhikers can sample portions of the trail, but hiking the whole thing requires three to four days and a backcountry permit.

Sunrise and Sunset Points

Thor's Hammer in Bryce Canyon National Park

Thor's Hammer from Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point, near the park visitor center, offers views of well-known formations such as the Silent City and Thor’s Hammer. The Claron Formation colors are vivid here, and the Navajo Loop Trail leads to 700-year-old Douglas firs and up to Sunrise Point. At Sunrise, you’ll see Boat Mesa and Sinking Ship, plus a limber pine with exposed roots.

Hike the 1.1-mile Sunrise Point to Sunset Point Trail. Have fido along on vacation? This is one of the few pet-friendly national park trails, but you must keep your pet on a leash.


Sheep Creek Connecting Trail in Bryce Canyon's Swamp Canyon. Photo by Elisabeth Kwak

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Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park

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