Fox Rare in Zion

Visitors keep eye's wide to catch a glimpse of the rare gray fox found in Zion's woodlands and shrubs.

Less common and much shyer, the common gray fox lives in woodlands and shrub lands in bottom half of the state as well as throughout most of the U.S. and Mexico. Like other fox, it is an omnivore, sustaining itself on rabbits, mice, insects, birds, fruits, eggs and grubs. They prefer to den in small caves and tree hollows where they bear litters of three to five young. The gray fox is one of the few that can slither up a tree to evade enemies. Look for them at night or in the early evening. His cousin the red fox is common throughout the much of the northern hemisphere in open and semi-open habitats, forests and suburban areas, although it can be displaced by the coyote. It can be distinguished from the gray fox by the white tip of its tail.



Mountain Lions in Zion Canyon

Zion National Park gets almost three million visitors annually -- most in Zion Canyon -- and mountain lions stay far away from such crowds.


Amphibians in Zion National Park

Frogs, toads and even a salamander are to be found in Zion National Park, thanks to the Virgin River, streams in slot canyons and even monsoon rains.


Coyotes in Utah

No one who has heard the eerie cry of a coyote during its hunt in Zion can ever forget it. The high-pitched yip, yip and howl are just plain spooky.


Wild Cats in Utah, but Elusive

Utah has three species of native cats, the mountain lion, or cougar; the lynx; and the bobcat, a cousin to the lynx.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcons in the Zion National Park Region

At least 291 bird species call Zion home. Birds operate pretty independently of humans, but sometimes the two conflict. Both falcons and climbers love Zion's commanding cliffs.


Pikas and Jackrabbits in Utah

The fertile grasslands, woodsy forests and lots of streams in Utah allow the jackrabbit, pika and cottontail to flourish.


Chipmunks, Beaver, and Porcupines in Utah

Forty percent of all Utah mammals are rodents. You can distinguish rodents by the way they eat.

A lizard in Zion National Park. Photo by Elisabeth Kwak

Reptiles in Southern Utah

Lizards and snakes flourish in Zion Canyon. Chances are, as you walk the many trails, you'll see one of the 16 species of lizards or 13 snake species.

Bat flying in the sky

Bats in Utah

Look to the sky at dusk and those small birds you see may actually be bats. You can distinguish bats from birds by their flight patterns.