FAQs About Zion Hiking Trails

What trails are wheelchair accessible? Are bicycles allowed on the trails? Is there mountain biking in the park? Are pets allowed on any trails? + More

What trails are wheelchair accessible?
The Pa'rus Trail, the Riverside Walk, and the Lower Emerald Pools Trail

Are bicycles allowed on the trails?
No. With one exception, the Pa'rus Trail.

Is there mountain biking in the park?
No. There is world class mountain biking in nearby areas. Bike shops in Springdale have information and maps of those areas.

Are pets allowed on any trails?
Pets are only allowed on the Pa'rus Trail and must be on a leash.

Are guide dogs allowed on the trails, in the buildings, or in the backcountry?
Yes. Guide dogs are permitted on a leash anywhere in the park and on the shuttles. They must be easily identified as helper-dogs.

How many people have fallen off Angels Landing?
We don't have exact numbers, possibly about 5. More people have died at Emerald Pools (7) than Angels Landing.
many fatalities from "falling" have occured in Zion National Park?
Below is a list of fatalities from "falling" in Zion National Park, dating back to the parks establishment. The info below is incomplete. The below list includes only incidents where suspicious activity was not involved.Angels Landing 5
Cathedral Mountain 1
Emerald Pools 7
Lady Mountain 2+
Mt. Kinesava 1
Mt. of the Sun 1
Observation Point 2
Watchman 2
East Rim Trail 1
Checkerboard Mesa 1
Crazy Quilt Mesa 1
Deer Trap Mountain 1
Hidden Canyon 2
Canyon Overlook 2

Why are the trails paved?
To prevent erosion.

Who built the trails in the park? Was it the CCC?
The Watchman Trail and Canyon Overlook Trail were the only trails constructed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). The Watchman was completed in 1934, and Canyon Overlook in the early 1930s. Most other trails in the park were started by early settlers of the area and improved by the NPS or were built by the NPS in the 1920s.

How did they get the concrete on the trails?
The East and West Rim Trails were constructed by the NPS in the early 1920s. The trails were paved with gallons of oil (East Rim = 760 gal., West Rim = 1240 gal.) mixed with natural sand and rock chips available along the trail. The oil, tools, other materials and equipment were hauled onto the various sites by packhorse.

In 1985 extensive repair was done on the West Rim Trail from 4900 ft. through Refrigerator Canyon to the top of Angel's Landing. The concrete for this job was hauled in by maintenance and mules from the Grotto. Walters Wiggles was resurfaced with 88 cubic yards of concrete, and the concrete for this job was hauled onto the site by helicopter. This took 258 flights. WHEW!



Favorite Zion hikes

Everyone should take the scenic short hike to Weeping Rock Trail. The half-mile climb is doable for almost everyone, yet offers many of the key attractions that make Zion, Zion.