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Horseback Riding Red Canyon & Beyond

There are many excellent trail riding adventures within the national parks, national forest and other public lands throughout the region.
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Photo by Jeff Vanuga

Nearby state parks may be as scenic as national parks with a fraction of the crowds. Check out Kodachrome Basin State Park, so named by the National Geographic Society, for mountain biking, horseback riding and camping through an otherworldly vista desert vista of sandstone spires and chimneys that seem to vibrate with a rainbow of warm colors when the sun strikes at dusk. Ledge Point Trail overlooks Red Canyon.

Ride like Butch Cassidy through Red Canyon in the Dixie National Forest, on Hwy. 9.9 miles west of Bryce. The area also offers great biking, hiking and ATV opportunities, but you can almost channel Butch if you explore the area on horseback. Red Canyon is a forested area with sixty-million year old dark red rock castles protruding up from crimson sand. Schedule some time to explore Red Canyon. Favorite equestrian trails include staging areas to unload your animals.

Plan to take advantage of one of the many excellent trail riding adventures within the national parks, national forest and other public lands throughout the region. One that takes you through a variety of a number of national parks is the Red Rock Ride, a six-day trail ride through Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.

One of the highlights of this multi-day trek is the breathtaking stars laid out against the sky at each day's end. The tour begins and ends in Las Vegas, heads up to Zion before reaching the trailhead in Bryce. Day Two is a day-excursion into Yellow Creek. Day Three takes you into the Butch Cassidy Trail in the Red Rock Casto Canyon. Day Four begins your foray into the Tiber Mountain Trail over fossilized sand dunes. A spectacular 30-mile expedition treks into The Box at Paria Canyon to see the hidden trail that outlaws used to escape capture and ancient petroglyphs from bygone people. On the final day, riders explore the north rim of the Grand Canyon on the North Kaibab Trail.

The towering La Sal Mountains are offer numerous trails suitable for horses amidst mountain lakes and forests of aspen and fir.



Kanab, Snow Canyon, and Red Cliffs

With 15 miles of trails through coral-colored Navajo sandstone interspersed with snow white cliffs, dark lava flows and bright red sand dunes, the five-mile Snow Canyon Park draws rock climbers, photographers, spelunkers, RVers and hikers.


Explore a Slot Canyon

Zion possesses one of the areas richest treasure troves for intrepid explorers willing to match their wits, their legs and their fingers against Mother Nature.