Lakes Neighboring Utah

Awe-inspiring lakes outside of Utah are worth a side trip for visitors wanting exceptional hiking trails, photography and wildlife viewing.

Awe-inspiring lakes outside of Utah are worth a side trip for visitors wanting exceptional hiking trails, photography and wildlife viewing.

Nevada's Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead Recreation Area

The lake was created when Hoover Dam was built. The largest man-made lake on the continent, it attracts scores of human and nonhuman visitors each year who rely on its bounty to survive. The water from Lake Mead and the Colorado River quenches the thirst of not only Las Vegas, but Southern California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. It is also on the Western Flyway, so migrating birds use it as a home. It isn't unusual to see bald eagles, sandhill crane, falcons, hummingbirds and seagulls along the shores. Lake Powell and Lake Mojave are also part of the Colorado River system.

Nevada's Lake Tahoe


Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the jewel of Nevada. The leading alpine lake in North America and the principal freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevadas, it straddles California and Nevada. The only American lake that is deeper is that of Crater Lake in Oregon. Its pristine beauty, clear waters and surrounding forests make it one of the continent's most beautiful lakes and attracts millions of visitors each year. Its charm may be its downfall, as the increased development surrounding it as well as the impact of heavy use has begun to degrade its ecosystem. Scientists estimate that it takes 650 years for its waters to regenerate.

Nevada's Hidden Lakes

Hidden Lakes lie high in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada and are natural glacial tarns that flow into Soldier Canyon before merging with the Humbolt River. Griswold Lake is another Ruby Mountain tarn, but it flows into Butterfield Creek heading toward Pleasant Valley.

Arizona's Lake Havasu

London Bridge on Lake Havasu

Relocated London Bridge on Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu in Arizona is one of the most popular lakes in the state. Kayak under the rebuilt London Bridge or through marshes to see endangered birds.

Utah & Idaho's Bear Lake

Bear Lake in Utah. The north half of the lake resides in Idaho.

Bear Lake in Utah. The north half of the lake resides in Idaho.

Bear Lake is another natural lake that presents numerous recreational opportunities. The lake is split in two at the Idaho-Utah border. Idaho houses the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, while Utah has Bear Lake State Park.

The water contains suspended particles of calcium carbonate from the nearby limestone cliffs turning it a bright turquoise blue. The ancient lake is estimated to be at least 150,000 years old and is the largest freshwater lake in the state by volume of water with average depths of 84 feet. With four distinct seasons, Bear Lake supplies the usual activities as well as the chance to gorge on raspberries at the annual Raspberry Days Festival in nearby Garden City. Wildlife viewing is exceptional with moose, mule deer, and hundreds of birds including trumpeter swans, white pelicans, snowy egrets, sandhill cranes, herons, and one of the largest refuges



Explore Large Lakes in the Utah Desert

Utah offers many natural lakes and man-made reservoirs. They attract people for far more than fishing. Boating, houseboating, and swimming are all popular.

Lower Calf Creek Falls in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Waterfalls in Utah and Beyond

Visit these stunning waterfalls around Utah and in Arizona's Grand Canyon.

Antelope Island in Utah

Antelope Island on Great Salt Lake

When traveling through Utah near Salt Lake, you may be surprised to come across an island filled with wildlife in the middle of the desert.

Observation Point in Zion National Park on a cloudy day

Top 3 Vistas in Zion National Park

Get the best views in this red-rock paradise in southwestern Utah. If you want to feel on top of the world, here are three fantastic Zion hikes that offer incredible vistas.

Antelope Island under the Milky Way, Utah

Utah's Amusement Capital at Great Salt Lake

Start at Antelope Island State Park, a wildlife watcher’s paradise. Then head to family-owned Lagoon Amusement Park.

Island in the Sky District with the Green River

Utah Rock Formations, Mountains and Caves

Some of the most spectacular can be seen at Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, Cathedral Valley, and Monument Valley.

Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

Temple Square in Salt Lake City

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is Utah's most popular tourist attraction. The 35-acre area contains more than 15 attractions related to Mormon heritage and beliefs


Amazing Sights in the Region

Many amazing things to see in the Zion National Park area, from Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon to Natural Bridge View in Bryce Canyon National Park– the regions top sights not to miss.

Leopard at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City

Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City

One of the top attractions in the state of Utah, the zoo's 42 acres feature natural hillsides, meandering tree-covered pathways, and a new African Savanna.