Amazing Sights in the Region

Many amazing things to see in the Zion National Park area, from Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon to Natural Bridge View in Bryce Canyon National Park– the regions top sights not to miss.

Bryce Canyon. Photo by Whit Richardson

Bryce National Park, Utah

Many consider Bryce one of the most other worldly landscapes. Towering hoodoos that look like giant mud people and brilliant red cliffs, Bryce offers an unforgettable step into another dimension. Great cross country skiing lets you skim just to the side of the canyon's edge. Yovimpa Point is at the end of a scenic 18-mile drive with spectacular views. Other key overlooks include Rainbow, Bryce, Natural Bridge View, Fairyland and Sunset points.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona

The Grand Canyon is truly one of the wonders of our world, a wonderful escape from urban jungles and the pace of city life. The South Rim is what immediately springs to mind to most travelers.

Yellow, gold, red rock cliffs towering above, miles visible on the horizon, and nerve-wracking sheer drops. It's an experience you won't forget. A must-see is Bright Angel Point.

That said, don't neglect to visit the North Rim. Access to the North Rim is right outside of Zion, through Hurricane (pronounced "Her-ick-cun"). Here, the 100-foot cliffs are covered in lush flora, trees, bushes. It's nothing like the South Rim, but the drops are still impressive. Unlike the South Rim, there are no barriers or fences to prevent you from walking right up to the cliff edge. If you're brave enough to look down, you can glimpse kayakers and rafters– and perhaps even the top of an eagle as it soars below. Watch where you're walking, and don't let the accessibility of the cliff edges let down your guard.

Yellowstone Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

American's first national park still remains one of it's most beloved. Hot pots, mud pots, geysers, and abundant wildlife characterize this national wonder. Take the Grand Loop Road to pick your favorite scenic stop. With a figure eight design, it takes you to most of Yellowstone's top views.


Death Valley, Nevada/California

Death Valley is one of the hottest places on Earth, which might at first glance seem to scare people off. In fact, the heat is a draw, attracting millions to prove themselves against the elements.

The annual Badwater Ultra Marathon, held in the hottest week of the year, covers 135 miles through blistering heat, from below sea level to the top of Mount Whitney. Gorgeous flowers litter the desert landscape in the springtime. Zabriskie's Point and Dante's View are two of the park's most popular overlooks.

Zabriskie hangs on the edge of the Funeral Mountains and looks over the pale badlands that seem to be always changing with the height of the sun or the weather. Dante's View presides like a distant overlord over panoramic views of the desert and badlands.


Island in the Sky District with the Green River

Utah Rock Formations, Mountains and Caves

Some of the most spectacular can be seen at Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Natural Bridges, Cathedral Valley, and Monument Valley.

Boat Mountain and hoodoos from Sunrise Point in Bryce Canyon

7 Top Views in Bryce Canyon National Park

Hoodoos, arches, and fins galore. See Bryce Canyon National Park’s best views and rock formations from these favorite scenic overlooks.

Sunrise over Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park.

National Parks Bordering Utah

There many national parks nearby in addition to Utah's five. Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon are very close and worth the extra drive.

Observation Point in Zion National Park on a cloudy day

Top 3 Vistas in Zion National Park

Get the best views in this red-rock paradise in southwestern Utah. If you want to feel on top of the world, here are three fantastic Zion hikes that offer incredible vistas.


Horseback Riding Red Canyon & Beyond

There are many excellent trail riding adventures within the national parks, national forest and other public lands throughout the region.


Explore Large Lakes in the Utah Desert

Utah offers many natural lakes and man-made reservoirs. They attract people for far more than fishing. Boating, houseboating, and swimming are all popular.


Life-zones of Southern Utah

Great variability in the life-zones and sub-ecosystems can be found in Utah's deserts, foothills, canyons, cliff-tops and mountains.

Lower Calf Creek Falls in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Waterfalls in Utah and Beyond

Visit these stunning waterfalls around Utah and in Arizona's Grand Canyon.


Lakes Neighboring Utah

Awe-inspiring lakes outside of Utah are worth a side trip for visitors wanting exceptional hiking trails, photography and wildlife viewing.