Natural Rock Arches

Natural Rock Arches in Zion National Park

Zion National Park has two major Arches and several lesser ones.

Crawford Arch

Crawford Arch on Bridge Mountain in Zion National Park
Crawford Arch on Bridge Mountain in Zion National ParkFredlyfish4  via Wikimedia Commons

The most easily accessible arch in the park is Crawford Arch. At the base of Bridge Mountain (named after the Arch) Crawford Arch is a stone bridge suspended almost a thousand feet in the air. Once thought to be a natural bridge, and pointed to by rangers as such for decades, geologists have determined that it is actually an arch.

Kolob Arch

Kolob Arch in Zion National Park's backcountry may be the second longest in the world.
Kolob Arch in Zion’s backcountry may be the second longest in the world. NPS/Rendall Seely

Kolob Arch is in Zion’s backcountry inside a small canyon where it clings like an eagle with its wings spread high on a canyon wall. It may be the second longest arch in the world measuring 287 feet.

More Arches in Zion National Park

Hidden Arch and Jughandle Arch are unusual because they lie, like the handle of a jug, vertically. Hidden Arch is particularly delicate looking as it clings to the side of the mountain. The Skull is a sheer promontory that juts into the sky and is riddled with internal holes. Across the road to the west side of the tunnel on the Zion Mt. Carmel Byway, look for a giant blind arch. Although usually not so large, these kind of blind arches are common.

An arch in the Subway can be swum through and in Fat Man’s Misery, along Parunuweap Canyon, is an arch that has it all: glowing light from above through the slot canyon above a delicate pool.

Other natural arches that can be seen in Zion include Pico Rosado Arch, Two Pines Arch, Checkerboard Arch, and in the slot canyons you can find off-the-beaten-track arches such as Eye of the Needle, Heaps Canyon, Imlay Canyon, Englestead Hollow, Pine Creek Canyon, and Spry Canyon. And way off in the remote backcountry, there’s Hammerhead Arch and Elephant Arch.

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