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Explore Bryce Canyon on an Electric Bicycle

Enjoy the benefits of biking through the park with a little help from an electric bicycle.

What better way to take in the stunning scenery of Bryce Canyon National Park than by bicycle? Ditch your car and get some fresh air by renting an electric bike from Bryce Canyon EZ Riders.

On an electric bike, you can enjoy all the perks of biking —like being out in nature, moving your body and getting away from the crowds — with less effort than a traditional bike. Electric bikes are low impact on the body, making them a great choice for families and older riders.

Bryce Canyon EZ Riders is located just outside the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park at the Bryce Canyon Airport with free parking. You can rent for a two-hour, half-day or full day excursion. You can also rent accessories like pull-behind wagons and a child seat to help the entire family enjoy a bike ride. All rentals come with helmets and bike locks.

Electric bike with pull behind wagon for kids and gear, rented from Bryce Canyon EZ Riders
Get a pull-behind wagon for kids or gearCourtesy Bryce Canyon EZ Riders

A five-mile bike path that you can join from the airport will take you from Bryce Canyon City to Inspiration Point in the park, stopping at the Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor Center, Sunrise Point and Sunset Point along the way. Bike racks are available in the park, so you can take a break from pedaling to go for a hike or just enjoy the views.

Bryce Canyon Amphitheater from Inspiration Point

Looking for a longer adventure? Take the bike path all the way from Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon to Red Canyon, biking through Bryce’s hoodoos as well as the stunning hoodoos of Red Canyon. The trail follows Utah State Road 12 and is 18 miles one way. You’ll descend more than 2,000 feet riding from Inspiration Point to Red Canyon. And because that means, you’ll also have to ascend this on your return route, you discover why e-bikes are so handy.

Bryce Canyon EZ Riders is a locally owned and operated rental shop, so if you’re looking for more fun trails in the area to explore via e-bike, the staffers there can point you in the right direction.

For more information:
Bryce Canyon EZ Riders
450 Airport Road, Bryce, UT 84764