Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum in St. George

See the history and contribution that managed sport hunting provides to governments in the protection of wildlife resources.

The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum, in St. George, educates the public of the history and contribution that managed sport hunting provides for governments to provide protection for critical habitat and management of their wildlife resources. At the turn of the 19th century, hunters like Teddy Roosevelt became the first conservationists, but somewhere along the way, that link was broken into two non-intersecting sects.

But over the past couple of decades those links have been re-forged. Hunters are a common breed in Utah with a variety of big game to choose from, from bobcats to mountain lions to elk, moose, deer, buffalo and bighorn sheep. They also fish and hunt a variety of birds. What brought environmentalists and hunters together again was the growing understanding that you can't protect a species without protecting its habitat and that there is a balance between predator, prey, water, food and migratory routes that keeps a species abundant enough to generate a hunting tag.

This museum celebrates wild animals and their habitats.

Over 300 species of animals have been collected from all over the world and are displayed within recreations of their natural habitats. Hundreds of colorful and exotic insects and butterflies are also on display and the gift shop and art gallery offer paintings, photographs and memorabilia of wildlife from around the world.

The Kids Room contains a full-size tree house, a reading nook and a variety of animal pelts that they can touch.

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1835 Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT


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