Visit Utah Parks Virtually

You don’t have to visit Utah’s five national parks in person to experience their gorgeous red-rock canyons, spires and ancient ruins.
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Even if you can't travel to Utah right now, you can still see, hear and experience what’s happening in Utah’s five national parks, thanks to some amazing technology. Here are some of our favorite ways to feel like we are in the park, even when we’re nowhere near it.

Arches National Park

The supermoon rises above Turret Arch in Arches National Park

The supermoon rises above Turret Arch. Image from the photo gallery at

Fly to Arches National Park via Google Earth to see this park’s amazing red-rock arches. There’s Double Arch and Delicate Arch, along with Balanced Rock, Fiery Furnace and more to see as you fly around the park. It’s fun to trace the park road to see how well you remember the order of all the sights to see.

Wondering how long the line is to get into Arches? Check it out live via this webcam located at the entrance to Arches. You can see the road along Hwy. 191 across from Arches, too.

If you can’t go to a ranger talk, there are plenty of videos and an audio segment to immerse you into the park’s rhythms. Discover more about he geology of the park and how to get a permit for Fiery Furnace in these videos. Then listen to Dr. Sasha Reed, research ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, explain on this audio talk why stepping on the desert’s soil crust can be really damaging.

And then there’s a ton of photos, old and new of Arches, to keep you dreaming.

Bryce Canyon National Park

View from Sunset Point at sunset toward the Aquarius Plateau in Bryce Canyon National Park

View from Sunset Point at sunset toward the Aquarius Plateau. Image from the photo gallery at

Is there anything cooler than flying around Bryce Canyon National Park’s world-famous hoodoos? Since you can’t do it in person, take advantage of all that Google Earth offers to get you off the ground and hovering over this majestic parkscape.

And along that same vein, travel with park ranger Kevin Poe on a journey through parts of the park in the National Park Service and Google Cultural Institute's  The Hidden Worlds of National Parks. It's a short mesmerizing video with incredible cinematography of Bryce Canyon National Park.

The park is working on eTours and video podcasts, so check here for more including gorgeous photo galleries.

Canyonlands National Park

Chesler Park rock spires in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park

Chesler Park rock spires in the Needles District. Image from the photo gallery at

You don’t need to visit the park to get a bird’s eye view of Canyonlands National Park. Pull the park up on Google Earth and then fly down to all your favorite spots, including the harrowing Shafer Trail that snakes down a steep dirt canyon road 18 miles to the Colorado River.

Check out what Islands of the Sky looks like live with this webcam positioned at the Islands of the Sky Visitor Center.

Get 360 tours of White Crack and Murphy Trail here.

And if you want to see what rafting Cataract Canyon is all about or if you want to learn more about the park’s wildlife, check out the park’s videos.

For more photos and resources, go to

Capitol Reef National Park

The Castle rock formation at Capitol Reef National Park

The Castle. Image from the photo gallery at

One of Utah’s less-discovered national parks, Capitol Reef is a fantastic place to visit via Google Earth. See Capitol Dome, Goosenecks Overlook, Sunset Point and Panorama Point from up high and then sweep down to get more intimate views of the park’s gorgeous landmarks.

You can also see what’s going on in the park at this moment. With the Henry Mountains in the background, see what Capitol Reef looks like along Pleasant Creek with this live webcam.

If you just want to hear the sounds of the park, check out Minute Out in It, a series of short videos about the park. You can also check out the panoramic photos of the park and videos of the park here.

For more resources, visit

Zion National Park

Cottonwood trees blanket the floor of Zion Canyon and turn a golden color in autumn

Cottonwood trees blanket the floor of Zion Canyon and turn a golden color in autumn. Image from the photo gallery at

See The Watchman in all its glory, plus the Court of the Patriarchs, The East Temple and West Temple from your living room. By using Google Earth, you can fly down into the park and see these spectacular sights. The best part? You don’t even have to deal with park crowds to get these amazing views.

See what the weather is like at Temples and Towers of the Virgin via this live webcam positioned at the Zion Visitor Center.

Haven’t been up Angels Landing and want to experience the hike without having any fear of slipping or freezing up because you’re scared of heights? Take the Angels Landing virtual hiking tour here.

Don’t miss out on a ranger talk just because you’re at home. Listen to audio podcasts that explore places like Lower Emerald Pools Trail here. And learn about the secret lives of river stones and more here.

For more digital resources, go here


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