Pronghorn Antelope in Utah

The popular big game animal known as the "pronghorn" frequents southern Utah.
Pronghorn antelope in Utah

Another popular big game animal in Utah is the pronghorn, a spritely-hoofed mammal that lives in local deserts, grasslands and sagebrush regions. Active during the day, if you see one you will see many, as they prefer to live in small herds. The fastest land mammal in the new world, gives birth to two kids in the spring. A growing favorite for hunters, getting their antlers is more difficult than getting those of the mule deer, since pronghorn keep their horns and only shed the sheaths each year. Look for these primarily in the Awapa Plateau, known to locals as Parker Mountain, where, at 7,000 feet above sea level, a high desert plateau supports a quarter million acres of contiguous sagebrush.


Bat flying in the sky

Bats in Utah

Look to the sky at dusk and those small birds you see may actually be bats. You can distinguish bats from birds by their flight patterns.


Coyotes in Utah

No one who has heard the eerie cry of a coyote during its hunt in Zion can ever forget it. The high-pitched yip, yip and howl are just plain spooky.

A lizard in Zion National Park. Photo by Elisabeth Kwak

Reptiles in Southern Utah

Lizards and snakes flourish in Zion Canyon. Chances are, as you walk the many trails, you'll see one of the 16 species of lizards or 13 snake species.

Bighorn in Zion National Park

Bighorn Sheep in Utah

There are a lot of bighorn sheep in Utah. In fact, there are too many. Zion and Utah are creating a plan to capture and move bighorn.

Blonde-colored Black Bear

Black Bears in Utah

Unlike the grizzly, the black bear is still fairly common in the large forested areas of Utah. Rarely black, instead they can be blonde or chocolate brown.