Fox Rare in Zion

Visitors keep eye's wide to catch a glimpse of the rare gray fox found in Zion's woodlands and shrubs.

Less common and much shyer, the common gray fox lives in woodlands and shrub lands in bottom half of the state as well as throughout most of the U.S. and Mexico. Like other fox, it is an omnivore, sustaining itself on rabbits, mice, insects, birds, fruits, eggs and grubs. They prefer to den in small caves and tree hollows where they bear litters of three to five young. The gray fox is one of the few that can slither up a tree to evade enemies. Look for them at night or in the early evening. His cousin the red fox is common throughout the much of the northern hemisphere in open and semi-open habitats, forests and suburban areas, although it can be displaced by the coyote. It can be distinguished from the gray fox by the white tip of its tail.