Bryce Canyon City | Ruby's Inn, Grand Hotel, RV Park & Campground

Ruby's Inn is the closest lodging to Bryce Canyon National Park and nearby Zion. Stay in a hotel, RV park, tipi or campground. Plus, there's horseback trail and ATV rides and bicycle rentals.
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A glowing closeup of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park

If you’re planning on visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, be adventurous and stay in a tipi, lounge at an RV park and campground or relax in a luxurious hotel at Best Western Plus Bruce Canyon Grand. Just minutes from the park's entrance and offering a range of accommodations, Ruby's Inn offers something for everyone. It's just 1.5 hours from Zion National Park and three hours from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Founded by rancher Ruby Syrett in 1916, this longtime landmark is still family-owned and is the only one that offers a free shuttle service to Bryce Canyon National Park viewpoints, offering a convenient and easy way to explore this stunning park. It’s also the closest lodging to the park.

Lodging and Camping at Ruby's Inn

Ruby's Inn has two hotels across the street from each other and a campground, which is one mile from Bryce Canyon National Park. The campground features eight authentic Native American-style tipis and rustic cabins where guests can stay and have a unique experience. 

Plus, the inn offers ways for guests to help give back and protect Bryce Canyon National Park. It all started in 2003 when the iconic Navajo Loop Trail, along with some other sites in Bryce Canyon National Park, needed repair. But with park funds tight, Ruby’s Inn saw an opportunity to help.

It launched the “Dollar Check-Off” program in 2004 that gives guests the option to donate $1 for each night of their stay to the Bryce Canyon National History Association. In the years since, it has raised $700,000 for the history association at its three hotels: Best Western Plus Ruby’s Inn, Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel and Bryce View Lodge.

“The program has grown to be a valuable resource to the Bryce Canyon National History Association, as there are limited funds for parks,” says Lance Syrett, general manager of Ruby’s Inn.

Donations have funded wildlife studies, paleontology research and education materials.

Lodging choices include the following:

Best Western Plus Ruby's Inn
(866) 866-6616
26 S Main, Bryce Canyon, Utah 84764
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Best Western Plus Bryce Canyon Grand
(866) 866-6634
30 N 100 East, Bryce Canyon City, Utah 84764

Ruby's RV Park & Campground 
(866) 878-9373
300 S Main Hwy. 63, Bryce Canyon, Utah 84764

Stop by Ruby’s Inn General Store

Ruby's also offers a variety of restaurant services for a great dining options while in the area, and the Ruby's Inn General Store is a one-stop shop for every traveler's needs. It contains a full grocery store, convenience store and souvenir shop. The general store sells picnic supplies, camping supplies and souvenirs like Southwestern Native American pottery, jewelry, weavings and other arts.

Tours, Activities and Rentals at Ruby's Inn

Ruby's is also a great home base for exploring the area as it offers so many activities and adventures right from the hotel. Learn more at Ruby's Tours and Activities.

See a show with dinner at Ebenezer's Barn and Grill

For More Information:
(866) 866-6616
Bryce Canyon City, Utah
26 South Main St., Bryce Canyon City, Utah 84764
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